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  • Fuel cost is borne by the hiring party.
  • After the trials, after  checking the bikes personally if the bike still creates any MAJOR mechanical problem within the radius of 100 kms. then we will be there with our services or we will try to assist you if, we know any reliable mechanic around that area. We will also give you the names/addresses/phone numbers of the mechanics on your route to help you if required. But after that if there is any major or minor problem with the bike then the client has to take care of it. He can call us anytime and we will try to help him out of it but then he will have to tackle it himself as by then the bike will be 'his baby.'
  • If, the bike creates any mechanical problem on the way then the client should take it to the proper 'Royal Enfield , mechanic ONLY and not to any bike mechanic who does the repair work of 100 or 150 cc bikes. This is very important because the mechanism of the Royal Enfield bike is very different from the other bikes.
  • If, there is any small problem in the bike then you can get it done by any Royal Enfield mechanic but if any mechanic tells you that the bike has a major problem and he will have to do many things in it then do not let him touch the bike before calling us. Call us immediately and let us talk to the mechanic because sometimes it's seen that few of them ( not all ) creates panic and do all unnecessary work in the bike just for making heavy bills. We know our bikes and when we talk to the mechanics on the phone we can at once make out that what he is saying is genuine or just something over created by him.


So the clients should contact us before handing over the bike to the mechanic's for any major work to be done.

Once the client takes the delivery of the bike the bike becomes his child. It becomes the responsibility of the client to take care of it.


  • Drive them and take care of them with respect. Mishandling the bikes and riding them roughly will spoil them and will also spoil your tour.
  • If you realize that there is some problem in the bike get it checked as soon as possible. Timely service can prevent any major breakdown and will save major expenditure.
  • Bikes can also be send through transport to the required place of the rider from where he wants to start his tour. The client will have to pay the transport charges. We can send them to the required destination by truck, by train or by road.
  • It will be a package deal. If, the client returns the bike earlier then the mentioned date then in that case the balance rental days amount is not refundable but in case the number of rental days are increased then the client has to pay per day rental for the extended days.
  • In case the number of rental days are extended then the rider has to call us at least 2 days before.
  • If, the bikes are not booked for any other tour then only he can keep the bikes for the extended days otherwise he has to return the bike timely. If, asked to return the bike on time, the rider does not return it then he will have to pay one and a half of the original rental per day.
  • The client has to pay half the rental in case he takes the delivery of the bike after 2 pm.
  • For booking confirmation Rs.1,000/ per bike is to be deposited in our account or in cash.
  • If, the client has to change the bike because of self made Bike Unions and their self made rules then in that case we will not be responsible for any refunds or adjustments. In any such case client has to amicably take his own decision as per the actual situation.


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